Toyotas, Bras and Pants?

Do you ever normally hear those three words in one! Unless you're a member of the Farmer & Carlisle Toyota team here at Leicester and Loughborough and you're up for helping those in needs.

The team here at Farmer & Carlisle Toyota (and their friends and family) have been busy raiding their drawers for local charity Your Smalls Appeal

Your Smalls Appeal
‘Your Smalls Appeal’ seeks to advance the health of young girls and women in developing countries. 

Your Smalls Appeal was set up in January 2016. The aim of the initiative is to support young girls and women in developing countries like The Gambia. This is done by collecting donated recycled bras, new pants and buying reusable menstruation kits to give to the under privileged girls.

Messages From The Team at Farmer & Carlisle Toyota

....who bought some life to this worthy cause!

  • "so pleased that we can do something so simple to help"
  • "everyone should have access to basic underwear"
  • "something so simple can help give so much confidence"
  • "what a brilliant cause"

Diana from Your Smalls Appeal said:

"I set up the 'Your Smalls Appeal' project almost 3 years ago after realising how blind I had been to the plight of girls & women in Africa and here in the UK. These girls and women need what we now take for granted every day, yet it wasn't that long ago women fought for our rights by burning bras! Wearing a bra supports the delicate breast tissue and having access to sanitary wear ensures girls are kept in school. Without sanitary wear, girls are denied access to a basic education means girls are not having the opportunity to become productive members of the community. The reusable sanitary wear I provide to young girls and women also keeps them free from infection and lasts for up to 3 years!

I am so grateful that women like the wonderful ladies at Farmer & Carlisle, their friends and family, wish to support me to continue helping those girls and women. We can't allow 'Period Poverty' to continue and we need to remind ourselves how far we have come in such a short period of time."

From us here at Farmer & Carlisle Toyota - THANK YOU!!!

A big thank you to our teams for taking part in the collection, for being so giving and committed to helping local charities in Leicestershire. And Thank you to Your Smalls Appeal for the great job that you are doing.

To our customers, fans and followers

If you would like to take part and would like to make a donation you can do it either directly to Your Smalls Appeal.

Or you can bring your donation here to us at Farmer & Carlisle (Leicester or Loughborough) where we will happily pass it on to Your Smalls Appeal for you.




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